United Kingdom First Non-White Prime Minister  Rishi Sunak

In Britain's history Rishi Sunak made a record as  the first Non-White Prime Minister  

Born on  12th May 1980 in  Southampton Hampshire 

Parents  Yashvir and Usha Sunak NRIndians

Completed his Graduation from Lincoln College, Oxford-2001 Masters from  Stanford University

Elected as MP from Richmond (Yarks) in 2015  Defeated  Wendy Morton

Parliament under secretary 2018-2019 Chief Secretery to Treassury  2019-2020 Chancellor of the exchequer  2020-2022

Leader of the conservative party  24.10.2022 Prime Minister of United Kingdom  25.10.2022

Married with his batch mate  Akshatha Murthy Who is a daughter of Indian IT joint Narayana Murthy founder of Infosys They're having 2 children