Becoming Claudia

the Vampire, starring Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Kirsten Dunst as the iconic vampire trio, was a surprise box office hit and earned $233,664,608 worldwide. Dunst’s portrayal of Claudia launched the then-12-year-old actress’ career,

She been netting her a Saturn Award. This gives newcomer Bass some big shoes to fill, but the 18-year-old has already proven that she is more than capable of doing so.

Making her debut in Episode 3, critics who viewed the show in advance are already praising Bass for her “feral” yet funny performance

Like Dunst before her, Bass’ Claudia has been credited with elevating the show and scene stealing from the moment she appears on the screen. Bass worked with an acting coach and researched religiously to develop her take on the character.

“I read the book, I annotated it, and I put Post-it after Post-it. I would create Google spreadsheets over and over again,” Bass told Press persons. “Claudia’s essence carries through [the writing]. She’s powerful and she’s loud.”

“It’s a very weird time. I had moments where I’d just start crying and mom would say, ‘What’s wrong?’ And I’d be, ‘I don’t know.’ All these hormones, it’s a lot. “Claudia is stuck with these hormones all of her life because she’s stuck at that age.”

The change in age also allowed the cast and writers to explore avenues that wouldn’t have been possible with a child actress. “We’re able to dive into contexts that legally couldn’t be put on screen with a 10-year-old girl,” said Bass.

“The audience gets to see into her eyes how heartbreaking it is to never really reach that final stage. She’s always going to have trauma. “The characters are so complex. I was challenged every single day on set and I’ve grown so much.”