‘Superfly’ actor and rapper sentenced to 50 years to life in prison for multiple rapes

A Los Angeles rapper was condemned to in some measure 50 years in the slammer Monday after he was sentenced at preliminary for various assaults.

Kaalan Walker, 27, was sentenced in April for three counts of effective assault, two counts of legally defined sexual assault and two counts of assault by inebriation, as per the Los Angeles Region lead prosecutor's office.

Walker was captured in 2018 on the charges and was delivered on bail, yet he was requested held subsequent to condemning, as per City News Administration.

Kaalan Walker, who has a film credit in the film SuperFly, was condemned to 50 years to life in jail following the assaulting of various ladies.

"The example of Mr. Walker is to make misleading commitments and they got it. … Every single one of these ladies deliberately went with their own choices," protection legal counselor Andrew Flier expressed,

as per a report from NBC 4. "He didn't compel them. … It's compensation to Mr. Walker and we won't allow that to occur." Walker likewise showed up in the 2017 film Rulers and imparted credits to Halle Berry and Daniel Craig.