The Journey of Liz Trus as Prime Minister of Britain 

September 5  Liz Truss wins leadership contest

September 6 Liz Truss becomes PM of Britain officially 

September 8 Liz Truss Announces Energy Support Package

September 8 Queen Elizabeth Passed away

September 19  Queens Funeral 

Spetember 23 Sets out a mini budget of un funded tax cuts 

September 28  Bank of England steps in seeks to quell the fire storm in Britains bond market

October 3 U-Turn on Top rate Tax

October 10 Fin.Minister Kwarteng brings forward the budget date

October 14 Truz Sacks Kwarteng, u-turns on corporation tax

October 17 New Fin.Minister Jeremy Hunt reverse most of budget 

October 19  Interior Minister resigns 

October 20  British Prime Minister Liz Truss Resigns from her post as PM

End of the story